Would you like a FREE wine magazine delivered direct to your mailbox every month?

Vintages, the LCBO's fine wine & spirits section, offers their Vintages Catalogue for free! You can also pick it up on location at LCBO stores, but why not get it delivered to your mailbox for free; and you'll never forget to pick it up!

I've been getting it for about two years now and it's a nice service and luxury. You'll find out what's in store; what's hot in the wine scene; learn about new wine regions and see beautiful wine pictures.

You can contact Vintages Sales Centre at 416.365.5767, or toll-free 1-800-266-4764 or by email at vintages@lcbo.com to sign up for the Vintages mailing list. Tell them iYellow Wine Club sent you! To find out more about Vintages please visit: vintages.com