When deciding on who we'd like to feature in our next 2 Bottles & 2 Questions segment, we thought who better than Mr. Bottles himself, Billy Munnelly!

Billy Munnelly, author of Billy's Best Bottles, one of the most useful wine books for consumers out there and now in its 17th edition, has graciously donated his book as a giveaway for our wine tours & we love it!

He's got his trademark Wine by Mood approach and he says in his book "Tell me your mood and I'll tell you which wine...Identifying your mood establishes what you what." Are you in the mood for Fresh, Rich or Rustic? Let Billy suggest LCBO's best wines by mood and help you decide what wine to buy! Billy is value conscious and offers budget friendly suggestions with fun, smart and irreverent wine tasting notes.

There's no doubt that you've either seen him or read his column if you ride the TTC and/or pick up the Metro newspapers. He writes a weekly column every Thursday for Metro Newspaper which is just super, make sure to look for it if you haven't read it...you'll be hooked.

We're please to ask Billy a couple question and get 2 of Billy's Best Bottles suggestions below. Be sure to check out his website too! billysbestbottles.com

2 Questions

1. How did you get into wine?

I'm Irish so drink has always been my religion. Working in restaurants got me on to the wine side and as you know once you get into it, you're hooked for life. And you're forever grateful to those first few bottles.

2. What are some of the most exciting shifts that you've seen in the wine industry lately?

The availability of fab wines at less than $20. Even some under $15. Each year I'm forced to expand the number of recommendations in my Annual Guide, Billy's Best Bottles. The wine drinker has never had it better. Anyone buying high priced wine today is a fool, or is getting bad advice.

2 Bottles

1. Spanish Ros├ęs. God's gift to Summer. Try Torres or Marques de Caceres. Both less than $12 at regular LCBOs.

2. Smokey reds from South Africa. Best BBQ reds in the world. Check out Porcupine Ridge ($15) in the Aug 4 Vintages release.