This month's 'Label of the Month' is one of Niagara College Teaching Winery's new 'Student Life' labels.

One of the College's "student life" labels similar to this one caught my
eye at the Grape and Wine Festival during our Sept. 22nd wine tour. My first impression was: "That's so Lava Life!" Its style reminded me a lot of the lavalife characterizations found so often in advertisements around Toronto.

I'd never seen a wine label anything like this before, and it was one of the highlights of the Festival for me, since It's always great to see cutting-edge products/ideas from "home."

These labels highlight students (incl. culinary, horticultural and winery students) in Niagara-On-The-Lake and Niagara College streetscapes. And they integrate the VQA insignia in creative ways, like on the truck door in this label. In total there are four labels that have been created in this style. This one is my favourite, but I like the others as well.

The labels are designed by Vacouver based Brandever Labels,an award winning Canadian Label designer. To see the other 3 labels and for more info on Brandever click here.

For more info on NCT Winery Please visit here.