I came across this label in Vines and noticed that the producer is a very good and long time friend of mine. His name is Mr. John Howard. He used to come into the Vineland Restaurant (not to mention owned the place) when I worked there.

Technically he was the Big Boss - I remember perfecting the art of making the best cappuccino foam and making it for him every time he came in. In fact to my knowledge he preferred my foam to anyone else's who worked there!

He has since spearheaded a new venture. Although I have yet to try any of these wines, I think their labels are absolutely brillant and vividly remarkable. His wines are called Megalomaniac .

For those of you who can't quite read the label to the left is reads " SonofaBitch Pinot Noir" He's got other wines as well all with similar cheeky names such as "Big Mouth Merlot" and "My Way Chardonnay" - quite the catchy names huh! Wines with fabulous names like these can get any group of people talking. Why not bring it to a party and wait to see who talks to you about the wine, I'm sure you'll find plenty.

I called John Howard to use his label for this feature, but the message I received when I called the number was "Press 1 to order wine, if you are calling for any other reason hang up" I found it a rather interesting way to sell wine. It kind of made me want it more. But I gather that is the point.

Production is limited and sales are only online for a limited time. Check out the whole John Howard "Megalomaniac" Wine line here: megalomaniacwine.com