There's no doubt that holiday shopping can be VERY labour intense and emotionally draining. With the large crowds, pushy people, and oh the Visa Bills in January!

But don't forget about all the romance surrounding the holidays! The freshly fallen snow, the smell of cinnamon on the stove, the thoughts that go behind the giving of every gift, the uniquely decorated Christmas tree in the corner of your apartment, or the time spent with family and friends, enjoying a glass of wine, sharing stories of holiday's past, and smiling at strangers.

So, without further ado, Pax and I have come up with 10 really great and EASY gift ideas for you. Just remember this...Gift giving isn't about the money you spend, but the thoughtfulness behind the gift itself. Do something creative this holiday, like wrap everything in tissue paper and write on the tissue paper something special about the gift, your relationship, or a reminiscing thought of holidays past. Make your gifts fun, unique and a gift from the heart! Let every gift you give showcase you as a person.


1. Riedel O wine glasses We love these glasses and use them all the time. They are perfect for red wine, white wine, jus, mixed drinks, pretty much any type of drink, so it's very versatile. Get the Cabernet/Merlot version, it's the most versatile type of O glass. They're already wrapped in a cute tube with and have 4 glasses. On Sale for $39.95 at Vineyards Estate Wines Store - 228 Queens Quay

2. Nake
d Wine Tasting Party - The perfect party in a can! It's ideal for friends who love wine & who are willing to party and have fun. ONLY $30 - Order online here and get a 20% iYellow Discount

3. Billy's Best Bottles 2008
~ Wine By Mood ~ available at your local book store. This book has helpful information, & all the recommendations you'll need to buy wine at the LCBO.

4. Su
per Comfy ROOTS Clothing Get 30% Roots clothes at our Dec. 12th Wine Event

5. The Wine Atlas of Canada ~ Leave the whining to Tony Aspler~ a great gift for the beginner, intermediate or advanced wine lover!

6. A G
ood Year DVD &/OR CD Soundtrack

7. Side
ways DVD &/OR CD Soundtrack

8. Wine, of Course!
- Wine is always a great gift too - Come on our Dec. 8th Wine Tour to get some great wines. Also, be sure to think creatively and put it in a cool wine bag - the LCBO and Vineyards both have great bags available. The purple fabric VINTAGES LCBO Bags are really elegant.

9. Subscription to VINES Magazine. 1 year (6 issues) - $9.95 (taxes included)

10. A Private Cellar at the Fine Wine Reserve -
Save 10% through iYellow... 10 Case lockers are about $35 a month. Email us for more info and to set up a private cellar tour. The FWR is amazing!

Lastly, at every party you attend be sure to bring a bottle of vino in appreciation - Here are 5 Classic Choices:
  • 1. Ice Cuvee by Peller Estates ($30 - Avail. at Vineyards Estate Wines Store - 228 Queens Quay) - It's a crisp, fresh sparkling with got a dosage of Icewine, providing a touch of sweetness. perfect for people who like & don't like sweet wine.
  • 2. Trius Red by Hillebrand (Avail. at Vineyards Estate Wines Store - NEW 2005 Vintage is Out! - Visit us Sunday, December 2nd, we'll be pouring it at the store from 12:30pm-2:30pm)
  • 3. Riesling Reserve from Henry of Pelham (Avail. in the LCBO & our Dec 8th wine tour)
  • 4. Broken Press Shiraz from Creekside Estate Winery (only available on our tour -Dec 8th)
  • 5. Indian Summer Late Harvest by Cave Spring. $25, a great deal, 1/2 the price of Icewine, but absolutely delicious. Available at the LCBO.