Super Bowl XLII is coming up February 3rd and we've got our friend Matthew Vlahovich, a fellow gourmand and beer fan, to give us some insight into what beers to drink for the big game.

Here he is...

"For football you have to go American or go home! Here are the essentials:
Budweiser in cans. Whether you like it or not, there is nothing more quintessentially American.

But for your wings and Nachos you want to go with something a bit more tasty.
My LCBO recommendations would be Sam Adams Boston Lager and Anchor Liberty Ale from San Francisco. Those are the only two really delicious beers from the US. But if you can find Brooklyn Lager, it is an absolute must for this year's Super Bowl. Go Giants Go!"

"Since you only live once, why not put the most delicious food and drink in your body," says Matt. For More on Matt feel free to check out his music group called Golden Girls.