This month, it is only fitting that we pick something uber "GREEN" to share with you.

Obviously this bottle has a cool label to it, but there are many more fantastic things about this bottle. The Wine is called Plant a Tree and it was developed by Lifford Wine Agency as a way to give back to the world we live in. All 3 Plant a Tree Wines (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay) are available in the LCBO and are in the perfect containers to take on
a picnic, to the cottage, on a boat or by the pool with a screwtop to boot!

Every time you buy a bottle of Plant a Tree Wine, $2.50 goes towards Tree Canada to plant a tree in Ontario. The Goal is to plant 100,000 Trees in 2008 alone. The best part about this label is that there is some
great information on it and you feel really great buying something that is actually contributing to making our world a better place to live for future generations.

When it comes to being "GREEN" here are a few details about the wine itself:
  • All the wine is sourced from Ironstone Vineyards, a leading quality vitner committed to sustainable agricultural practices
  • It is bottled in locally made 100% recyclable PET bottles
  • When filled, the bottle weighs 40% less than a glass bottle, decreasing transportation efficiency shipping emissions by 40%
  • Tree Canada will begin planting coniferous saplings in Sudbury this Spring
  • This carbon-positive wine was created to help save the environment
  • It is shipped in bulk to Niagara for local bottling thereby reducing the carbon footprint by 30-40%
Did you know?
  • One tree absorbs an average of 650lbs of carbon over its lifetime thereby offsetting the 3kg ecological footprint of the production of each bottle 100 times
  • An average Canadian produces 5 tons of carbon per year and by drinking one bottle of Plant a Tree wine every 13 days this Canadian can become Carbon Neutral
For more information on how & why to become Carbon Neutral click here.
For more information on Tree Canada, visit
To visit Lifford Wine Agency's website - click here
Also be sure to check out the plantatree website