This month's Label of the Month is a sexy one!

I think it goes without saying that wine producers try to make their labels stand out on the shelves. They might use tactics such as a catchy name, fun graphics, a modern or traditional look, and last but not least, by making it look sexy!

FITA PRETA VINHOS, a wine producer from Portugal, is perhaps the first to put themselves right out there and call their wine & label for what it is – “SEXY”.

I met Fita Preta's Vitaculturalist David Booth at a Fine Wine Reserve tasting (one of the perks of membership), which was put on by Le Sommelier wine agency. Also at the tasting were two winemakers from Australia and California.

David Booth's 'SEXY' label jumped out at me right away! A pink label with SEXY on it. How could it not?!

I got to sample the SEXY Red and SEXY Rose, and I have to say that I preferred the taste of SEXY red, however I preferred the SEXY rose’s label. Both are called SEXY, but the rose just is a little less bold, but say the words sexy in pink, rather than the label. And the pink colour of the wine is very appealing and looks delicious. Only problem with the SEXY rose was it was too full bodied a rose for me – it’s not your typical sipper rose; it’s got a lot more body and complexity to it, which just isn't for me right now. They are also coming out with a SEXY White in the future too.

I couldn’t help but mention to David that he needs to get this wine in front of Madonna. If anyone embodies this wine it would be Madonna and imagine the PR if she started to tell everyone about it!

But then again, what about SEX AND THE CITY which is now in theatres. Wouldn’t this just be the perfect product placement!

Anyways, If you’d like to get ahold of these wines you can, but not at the LCBO - for the time being anyways. However, you can order these wines in Ontario via Le Sommelier wine agency.

Many people don’t know this, but the LCBO isn’t the only place you can buy wine. You can actually order from wine agents (like Le Sommelier) by the half case and case just like the restaurants do. Yes you’ll spend more money up front buying by the case, but you get access to wines not distributed in the LCBO.

By the way, we’re also launching a new iYellow Wine Store COMING SOON powered by, which will be another fantastic way for you to buy VQA wines ONLINE.

So enjoy some SEXY WINE IN THE CITY this month. Have any other sexy wine recommendations to offer? Please "comment" below and let us know!