Yellow Wine Labels - An iYellow Exclusive!

Why iYellow?

Everyone always asks why did you choose the name "iYellow" for your wine club?

And here is the answer...

No, it wasn't because Yellow Tail was the most successful wine to enter the North American market or a spin off of the WolfBlass Yellow Label. Nor was it because the iPod was flying off shelves an google set up a new personalized iGoogle page

It is because my last name "Aiello" is prounced "iyellow" hence the name of the club. I know, I know some of my closest friends may never have known that had they not asked me.

However, it seems to fit the industry and social times very well - so this is for all you Yellow Tail drinkers and iPod listeners!

This entry gives credit to the "Yellow" in wine!

Now we all know that psychologically Yellow is a bright colour symbolizing sunshine, Gold, and historically denoting happiness, energy and joy because it always brings a smile to your face - especially after a long winter and barely any sunshine. However, yellow also grabs your attention. It is definitely a colour that captures your eye and stimulates mental activity.

According to marketing Theory "Yellow used in the just the right place can be an effective tool in marketing to greater sales."
Yellow is fun and spontaneous. When you are looking at a wine label, the Yellowness will grab your attention, evoke happiness and fun thoughts and say "Buy Me" to your unconsciousness.

"Yellow Tail went from zero to the number one imported wine in the US in just two years and became the fastest growing brand in the history of branding" (for more click here) That was back in 2001. In 2005 over 8 million cases of Yellow tail were sold. Yellow Tail Shiraz is now the #1 selling red wine in America (not just imports but ALL red wine).

Yellow Tail, was the first yellow named and labelled as well as user friendly wine (price and label readability) it quickly became the highest selling red wine in North America due to is popularity. Due to this, many other wines followed suit and piggy backed on the 'Yellow' label idea. (We could get into the cute kangaroo image, however, I think I will save that for another writeup on wine critters)

A good label will sell any wine (even if it sucks)... here are some Yellow Labels I found at the LCBO you should check out all the Yellow Wine Labels - and be sure to bring one to our Exclusive Social night on June 22!

Yellow Tail (Australian )--$11.95

    WolfBlass Yellow Label (Australian) --$18.95

    Big Yellow Cab 2003 Big Yellow Cab (California) 750ml -- $10.99

    Yellow Jersey (French ) plastic bottle & screw top --$12.95

    Goats Do Rhone (South Africa) --$14.95

Check this link out!