2 Bottles & 2 Questions with Deacon Dr. Fresh!

Deacon Dr. Fresh is Canada's own Gangsta of the Grape, Sultan of Shiraz, Buccaneer of Burgundy, and a tireless promoter of VQA wine. He calls Yellowtail “the best damn floor cleaner on the planet”.

"Wine is definitely my hobby!!" says Deacon. "Since it is a hobby there are no vested interests just a really fun time. I see myself as the court jester! I get real info and try and get the right info to the real people in the world. I am there to help people buy wine, try wine and love wine."

Deacon Dr. Fresh was proclaimed by City Bites Magazine as “
Canada’s Most Irreverent Wine Writer” and also featured with us in City Bites as one of Toronto's Hot Nine of Wine.

After exploding on the scene with a wine-blog in the fall of 2005, the Deacon rapidly became a cult figure. He's got a great gangsta/pirate persona and as his audience and notoriety grew, invitations to exclusive events and wine freebees poured in, and major players like Tony Aspler and the Szabos linked the Deacon to their websites. Visit Deacon's website and join his mailing list here: deaconwinelist.blogspot.com

Our first introduction to Deacon was in an email he sent us saying: 'Yo Wassup Crackahs?" He's got a vocabulary that will keep you coming back for more, with words like "Lurch, jank-bucket, peckerdine, mofo crackerwater” and many more!
We have had a few drinks with the Deacon over the past months and he is one great guy! Co-Hosting the Ontario Wine Awards awhile back, Deacon was a hit! We've interviewed him for our monthly 2 bottles & 2 Questions. Here is what the Deacon has to say!

2 Questions

How did you get into wine?
I got into wine a few years ago when I was traveling in France with my brother in law. He is a wine nut so I ended up loving it just as much. I started doing a wine journal of my travels while in France as an email update to people I knew, but then the list grew longer and I had to expand my email into a blog.

Did you have fun at the Ontario Wine Awards?
I loved the Ontario Wine Awards - I got to play my guitar and everything. It was a great night! I love bringing another side of wine to the people. I like making it fresh so you can say - I hate the stuffiness of wine and just want to make it fun and vibrant!

2 Bottles

Henry of Pelham Baco Noir
$13.95 (the reserve is out of this world!!)
It is available at the LCBO and once you try Baco Noir, you just love it! We served it with aged cheddar and what a phenomenal match! It is rustic enough to have with red sauce pasta, BBQ and also great to drink as a glass as well.
Just a fantastic wine!

La Chablisienne
(Chablis – aka Chardonnay from France) 2003 current vintage

It is available at the LCBO and is only $22 – great value! I recommend you put it in the fridge before you drink it, as it should be drank very cold. It has mineral, steel flavours, and is very piercing in taste. Overall just a killer wine!


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