Reviewed by: Paxton Allewell

For our first ever 'Label of the Month' I wasn't sure exactly how I'd settle on the winner. It was a grueling challenge that only the bravest wine writer could take on, but I stepped into the LCBO and took the challenge! And after searching the liquor shelves high and low for the best label, I finally settled on an Australian wine, called Four Emus.

I decided on Four Emus for a few reasons. First, the name is hilarious and catchy. Second, the label is vibrant, stylish and colourful and while it is a critter labeled wine, it's not cheap looking in any way. While the front label is unique and worthy of this 'Label of the Month' title, what really stuck out to me was the label on the back side. Should we start a 'Back Label of the Month' as well? ;)

On the back label there's a revolutionary -well maybe that's too strong a word- tear-away tab so you can easily remember the name of the wine for your next purchase. The tear away is nice and small and reminds me of the classic McDonald's Monopoly tear-aways.

If you want the whole label in tact for your scrapbooks or wine journals Ange has the technique down pat and can tell you how to get it, but in reality there's not many people who want that. Four Emus tear-aways are not the only ones using this tear-away tab, but they've adapted this element to their wine, thus they're on the cutting edge. It's just a great branding tactic, as well it brings added service & value to the you, the drinker.

Four Emus also sports a screwtop too, so no worries if you don't have a corkscrew. Now I haven't tasted this wine yet, so this 'Label of the Month' is not based on taste. But please let us know what you think if you try it, cause that will make it just that much better!

If you want to experience more of this brand, you can meet the Four Emus (Craig, Kylie, Bruce and Gus) and watch a video message from the winemaker. Check out their website here.