Wine Social video

Our wine social was amazing! If you missed it, make sure you come to the next one, there were about 30 professionals from the GTA who all got Naked together... Wait! It isn't what you think... we tried some awesome Henry of Pelham Wines without ever seeing the label - Thanks to the 'Naked Wine Tasting' Party.

The Naked Wine Tasting Kit is available online from a company called Adventures With Wine and if you want one, you get a special iYellow Price! 20% off! Please email us about this offer and we'd be glad to answer any questions for you as well. It was a great experience for everyone and we had such a great time figuring out which wine we liked better!

Cheers to Paul Decampo from Henry of Pelham for donating our wine and props go to Tammy and Mary-Lou at Adventures with Wine for letting us try the Naked Wine Kit! Check out the Slideshow below - and don't miss our next Naked Wine Tasting on our Wine Tour!!

Turn on the music icon for some good tunes to go with the pictures.