This months 'label of the month' is something quite lovely and well, just plain cute.

Just this past week I did a horizontal tasting (meaning trying lots of the same kind of wine comparatively) of Syrah/Shiraz with the wine guy himself, Tony Aspler. Of late, I have a new found love for Syrah and Shiraz. But not the Yellow Tail stuff, the unique, good stuff. And so, this wine caught my interest.

To be honest I love this label; I feel it is a fairly accurate representation of me. I like to drink wine, Lulu likes to drink wine. I look good in red, Lulu pulls it off well too. And even though she is sitting at a gorgeous little cafe in the heart of France, I am wishing I was there.

The label also has an urban twist on something a little more country and French in feel. Other than the fact that I love Syrah, I would definitely buy this wine just from the label, what she is drinking looks good, so i'll take it!!!

You can get this wine at any LCBO, and it is very reasonably priced - about $15. Maybe one day I can be as lucky as her and be on a wine label ;)