April's label of the month almost goes without explanation. When one of The Wine Enthusiasts' names is Paxton, and there's a Paxton Vineyards winery, it's just gotta be Label of the Month.

So, that's really all I have to say about the label. I think it's decent looking, but the main appeal is the name!

Behind the label is also interesting. On their website was mention of biodynamics being an element in Paxton Vineyards' winemaking. I think what they had to say about biodynamics finally helped me make sense of what it means...

“The foundation of biodynamic farming is soil health..." says Toby Bekkers, Senior Viticulturist, Paxton Vineyards.

"We now spend far more time digging amongst the weeds. Observing what is happening below the ground gets as much attention as what happens above. The ultimate result, I hope, is a range of wines that highlight the individuality of the vineyard, vintage and the actions of the people who are the temporary custodians of the land.”

That's Pretty neat way of putting it! Check out their website for more of the biodynamic insights, and to see a fun video on their site promoting their new 02 Shiraz. www.paxtonvineyards.com

While I'm not drinking much Australian wine these days, I am however listening to a lot of Aussie music. Well, one particular artist from Australia anyway. Her name is Sia, and she's originally from Adelaide, South Australia. You may have seen her CD in Starbucks' everywhere!?!

For my friends on Facebook, they know I've been helping toot her horn a lot lately. So, I'd love you to take a listen. Check out one of my favourites below called "The Girl You Lost to Cocain."

She even mentions WINE in one of her songs called 'Waiting to Die.' Sia says..."Now, it's a good time for a tasty glass of wine..."

There are tons of YouTube videos of her music! Email me and let me know if you like it!

Her current album is called 'Some People Have Real Problems,' and some great songs include Buttons, Day Too Soon (love song), Drink to Get Drunk and many more!