WINES OF GEORGIA ~ The Republic of Georgia

In my wine journey I meet a lot of really cool people. I also drink some stellar wine and that is really why I love my job!

At one of the tastings at the Fine Wine Reserve I met a another young wine lover, his name is Nathaniel. I am sure he is one of the many wine lovers that work a day job (at a bank none the less) to pay life's bills, but loves wine enough to work in the wine industry in his off time as Vice President of a Global libations Nathaniel represents the wine to your left.

I am sure you are looking at the label going going ??WHAT is that? but wow, is it ever good. It is from a small wine producing region in Europe (the OLDEST to be exact) and has been called "The Birth Place of Wine".

We all know that wine is a very authentic and historical entity and has been around since biblical times - and I'm sure before even before that. It has been reported that the worlds first cultivated grapevines were discovered over 7000 years ago in the Georgia Straddles (i love Wikipedia).

Nathaniel let me try 2 reds and 1 white. One was a Saperavi which is a red grape variety and the the most important grape variety used to make Georgian red wines. This particular wine tasted just awesome. It was unlike anything I had ever tasted before, it was super big and jammy and very chewy - at least that is the way it tasted the first night. The bottle got me through 3 nights of my regular glass of wine while cooking dinner in the kitchen. I also cracked open the white called Tsinandali. It was pretty mellow and easy drinking white, not very acidic and the nose was full of peony flowers, it was well balanced and smooth on the palate - a great spring wine!

I know that wine from Georgia are rare to find in the LCBO, however sometimes you can find it in vintages.
It was so memorable that I had to save the label. I have to say that saving labels is one of my most favourite things to do.

Adventures with Wine makes some great Label lifters that are super easy to use and you can stick the labels right into a wine book - yes, yes, i am a wine geek. I usually write my tasting notes under the label. I find it much easier to remember wines that i like - or don't like - through a visual label reminder and it is really easy to do.

Stay tuned for my next writeup on how to remember wines and keep a wine record for easy wine memory and data.
Also, I was told that Georgia makes kick-ass Icewine... now that would a fun tasting especially for a hard core Canadian wine country girl!!!

For more info on Wine from the Republic of Georgia click Here or visit Nathaniel at Global Libations