by James Cooper

(Note to reader: It's Canada Day at the time of writing this post and my patriotism has monopolized my time to make up a story for iYellow Wine Club. So, rather than resist it, I'm directing my nationalism toward writing about a technique I've [hypothetically] been using to improve myself as a Canadian. This post has not a lick to do with wine.)

I think that Canada Day is a time when all Canadians should ask themselves the question: how can I be a better Canadian?

From asking myself this question, I came up with a plan for self betterment: send exit polls by e-mail to my dates, promptly after the rendez-vous, and take action on the constructive criticism I garner from the responses.

My rationale behind this endeavour was that, by improving my performance on the dating scene, I'd make myself a better citizen and, in turn, do a service to my country.

So I whipped together a series of quick polls with the help of a colleague, who has asked to remain nameless but who I will nonetheless refer to as Charlie Brown. I thank you for your help, Charlie Brown.

Here's one of the polls I've been sending to dates:

Now, I'm not at liberty to disclose the results of my polls, but I can tell you that my Canadianism is benefiting significantly from them.

For those of you who are interested in using polls in your own life, don't limit yourself to using them solely after first dates: relationships can benefit from them regardless of how many dates a couple has been on; and they are handy for gathering feedback from non-dating social scenarios, such as business lunches and dinners, job interviews, weddings, family reunions and funerals.

Be the best Canadian you can be. Poll to prosper, my friends.

Happy Canada Day!


The Most Interesting Man in the World

I hate to be a sucker for advertising, but Dos Equis Beer’s The Most Interesting Man in the World (MIMW) campaign is truly compelling me to buy the product. It’s the humour of the whole thing that has me hooked: watching the video series on Youtube and playing the games at . I haven’t even tried the beer yet because it hasn’t been available at my local LCBO stores, but indicates that they do indeed sell it (at some outlets). If anyone’s tried it, I’d like to hear your thoughts.

I’ll have to drink some Dos Equis this summer if only to justify my incessant quoting of the MIMW while I’m among friends.

Quick poll:
I can’t help but wonder, when the MIMW says “I don’t always drink beer …,” does he ever drink wine and, if so, what type?

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