Zoltan's "Black Sea By Sea" Odyssey

Butterfield, Robinson & Szabo?

Check out Zoltan Szabo's new wine gig on Butterfield & Robinson’s "Black Sea By Sea" luxury cruise trip.

Written by: Paxton

Zoltan Szabo, award-winning and Toronto based Sommelier, is off on another adventure! Every time we touch base with Zoltan he's up to something new or off to somewhere exotic and interesting.

This time he's off to the Black Sea serving as a wine guide and expert, or "cultural attaché" as Butterfield & Robinson, the renowned luxury travel company who he's working for, are calling him.

While this trip isn't necessarily an affordable one, I thought it would be fun to shed some light into what's going on in the world of travel.

It seems wine experts/wine celebrities are now intimately involved with travel adventures. For example, Beppi Crosariol, wine columnist for the Globe, w
as on board showcasing wine experience on the Globe and Mail Carribean Odyssey, which ran January 25th - February 4th, 2008. Tony Aspler takes a group to Champagne every spring and Gary Vaynerchuck is now promoting his "Gary V's Thunder Cruise," which has wine and his presence as a major component to the trip. Oh, and don't forget the iYellow Wine Tours hosted by Ange and Pax ;)

So back to Zoltan's odyssey. Here's a few details of the Black Sea By Sea trip.

Aug 08 - 16, 2008

Trip Length:

9 days/ 8 Nights


Price per Person from:


How many people are attending this trip?
About 30

It's not easy to come by a job like this [i.e. sommelier expert on board]. Was it a difficult job to get? Butterfield & Robinson is a world-class company! Any job to get with them is difficult!

Can you give us some insight of the caliber of wines that will be poured during this trip? For example...Messandra. we have reserved 3 bottles from 1966! The year Butterfield was founded and also a good year for this wine.

This upcoming trip seems like the perfect fit for you - you being a world traveler and gourmet connoisseur. What are you most excited about for this trip?
Traditional food, indigenous wines, gorgeous places...and above all...meet new people!

Here's some of what the B&R website has to say about zoltan:

"Zoltan will be on hand to provide expert advice on the wine and food of this budding vinification nexus. His expertise should come in especially handy in Varna, Bulgaria, where we will enjoy an exclusive visit to the Varna Wine Club, a private wine-tasting parlour with a staggering collection of the region’s best vintages."

picture of Zoltan and a special someone (right)

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