Pairing for a Cure & Henry of Pelham Reception & Dinner

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Henry of Pelham Reception & Dinner

Ontario's Speck Brothers: The Competitive Advantage

Successful businesses always have a competitive advantage - something that sets them apart from their rivals. In the rapidly expanding Ontario wine industry, Henry of Pelham Family Estate is one of the most respected names. Under the business leadership of brothers Paul, Matthew and Daniel Speck, Henry of Pelham has been recognized with numerous domestic and international awards. Growing their wines on land that has been in their family since 1794, the brothers remain true to their roots. Environmentally conscious and proud of their heritage, they use only sustainably grown grapes from the Niagara Peninsula.

Join us in raising a glass with the Speck brothers, dynamic representatives of the Ontario wine industry, and celebrate the exceptional wines of Henry of Pelham at this unique and exclusive dinner event.

Henry of Pelham Reception & Dinner
with the Speck Brothers
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Reds Bistro & Wine Bar
Upper Level
First Canadian Place
77 Adelaide St. West, Toronto

Cocktail Reception: 6:30 pm
Dinner: 7:15 pm

Tickets: $125 per person.

An impressive range of new and aged Henry of Pelham wines will be poured, including premium matured wines specially selected from the Speck family cellars for the event. This is a rare opportunity to taste these wines showing their evolved expressions, contrasting them side-by-side with more recent vintages.

The evening will begin with a Reception featuring some new and inspired twists on Henry of Pelham sparkling wine and Icewine in refreshingly tasty cocktails, followed by a three-course dinner and dessert. Nine wines will be featured in all.

Also at this event, meet Apples to Oysters author Margaret Webb as she shares her insights on matching fine wines with locally grown, regional Canadian cuisine. Dinner will feature food matches inspired by Margaret's book, and each attendee will take home a complimentary signed copy (retail value of $34.00).

A selection of wines tasted at the event will be available for on-site ordering. You'll also sample wines from upcoming Vintages retail releases.

To order tickets, please contact the
Vintages Sales Centre at 416-365-5767 or toll-free at 1-800-266-4764. Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

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