The "Grapes" & Wine Festival | Don Cherry Luncheon

By: Erika Neudorf

When Ange and Pax said they couldn’t make it to the Celebrity Luncheon with Don Cherry this year, James Cooper and I were happy to take their spot at the table…very happy. When the two of us arrived at the luncheon, put on by the Grape Growers of Ontario and Scotiabank, we realized that our seats at the iYellow table were much better than the seats at our own employers table! We knew this lunch was going to be amazing.

I’m not the biggest hockey fan in Canada, but I certainly can appreciate Don Cherry. I understand that he gets mixed reviews, but I found his brashness to be the highlight of my afternoon! The wines on the table included an Unoaked Chardonnay and Meritage from none other than the ‘Great One’ himself, Wayne Gretzky. The wines are certainly drinkable (especially on a Wednesday at noon). Although Don Cherry didn’t talk much about wine, I know he certainly drinks it. Perhaps he should become an honorary iYellow Wine Club Member?

Thanks again, Ange and Pax for
a wonderful afternoon.

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Photo Credit: Grace Smith