Angela Aiello is a true city girl with country roots. Growing up in the Niagara region –with an Italian family heritage, and a booming wine industry in her backyard – she was destined to become a wine entrepreneur, and a lover of all things gourmet.

She got her start in the wine industry at 16 years old, at a prestigious Niagara winery restaurant (Vineland Estates Winery). Working her way up from a table busser to a top server and spending 5 years at Vineland and another 4 with Peller Estates Winery Restaurant, she learned the value of hard work, and the art of wine and food. After completing her Honours degree in Business Communications at Brock University, Angela moved to Toronto to pursue her interest in media and marketing/communications. Over the years, she has gained a wealth of experience in the industry – working for a television commercial production house (Radke Film Group), a satellite radio provider (XM Satellite Radio), and most recently, a boutique media recruitment firm (Searchlight Canada). However, coming from a strong entrepreneurial background, she always knew she wanted to start her own business, a dream that would soon be realized. It started out as a personal hobby – blogging about wine – to create a network of wine lovers and share information with her friends. But, as more people began to subscribe to her blog, she realized she was on to something great. She joined forces with Paxton Allewell, a friend and former wine industry colleague, to share her passion for wine who happened to be another wine enthusiast. Using a quirky play on her last name, the iYellow Wine Club was born.

As a respected wine expert, Angela was the exclusive wine host for CBC’s Steven & Chris Show, as well is also the wine host for Le Gourmet TV (part of the Broadband Gourmet Network). As a strong supporter of the Ontario wine industry, she co-hosted the 2008 Ontario Wine Awards, produced and hosted podcasts for the Ontario Wine Council, and was featured in a CBC documentary, Wine Confidential. Her enthusiasm for wine and entrepreneurial success has been recognized in several print, television and online media sources, including Twenty Something, Notable, Canada AM, and Global TV, The Toronto Star, Post City Magazine, City Bites, The St. Catharine’s Standard,, TV, and She Does the

Wine is an important part of Angela’s career and personal life, but it isn’t the only thing. She also loves to travel, dine out and entertain at home, and support the arts in Toronto… all very important work-related research, of course!

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[photo credit - Mike Smith]