Santa Rita’Licious Event Review
By Wendi Marchioni
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If you weren’t at Santa Rita’Licous on Thursday July 23 then you missed one hell of an iYellow Wine Party!

The event kicked off at 8pm down in trendy Queen Street West, in a spacious loft-style art gallery, Thrush Holmes Empire. As you walked in, you were greeted by two lovely iYellow Ambassadors, Carmen and Nan, before choosing a wine glass and making your way over to one of 4 unique wine stations. Each station presented a sampling of 2 or 3 delicious Santa Rita wines.

The night honoured a new label launch for Santa Rita’s 120 brand: the 120 Sauvignon Blanc 2008 and the 120 Cabernet Sauvignon 2008. Guests were treated to a variety of taste sensations. Among the 9 varieties included a high-end Triple C and Casa Real, both which retail for over $50 on private order. The Pehuen Carmenere was the true hit of the night! Carmenere is Chile's signature Grape Varietal and it definitely went down smooth!

The Winemaker, Carlos Gatica, flew in from Chile, amidst a Canada-wide tour, to attend the exclusive event. Later into the evening, Carlos took the microphone and welcomed feedback from the 150 guests. After speaking with Carlos, I was pleasantly surprised by his down-to-earth, friendly nature. He seemed to be enjoying the upbeat Canadian crowd and was hoping to dance a few moves before the end of the night. Though there was no official dance floor intended, that didn’t stop a few eager guys and gals from showing us their moves – a compliment to both the DJ and the wine!

The venue offered the perfect atmosphere for a hip, eclectic crowd of people. The plain white walls were carefully decorated with colourful abstract canvases in a Jackson-Pollock-meets-Van Gogh sort of style, adding some visual flare. The obscure subject matter of the works stirred some interesting conversations among the guests, each trying to defend their own interpretations.

DJs, Sam and Christian, kept the tunes constant and filled the room with a vivacious mix of upbeat lounge music that was the perfect backdrop. Delicious hors d’oeuvres were prepared by Le Germain’s restaurant, Victor, and paired perfectly with the mix of wines.

Eventually the wine bottles had to be sealed and the music had to stop, but the crowd stayed on as long as they possibly could.

Wine safely savoured, satisfied guests, and a happy winemaker – I think that definitely would attest to a successful evening. All of the 120 wines are available at your local wine shop, so be sure to grab a bottle and try them out!

Cheers to another great iYellow Event - Santa Rita'licous!

Stay Tuned for an invite to NIGHTLIFE on Tuesday October 27th!

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