Wendi Marchioni’s passion for wine does not stem from ever studying winemaking or working at a winery – she just loves to drink it! She has Italian in her blood and as she grew up wine was served at every evening meal. She believes one glass a day is healthy for the body. Her favourite type is the strong, dry flavour of a Baco Noir or an Italian Amarone. (Especially served with a tender veal or juicy steak. Yum!)

Wendi has an education in film production and a professional background in the film and advertising industry. In her early years, Wendi pursued a career in directing, but quickly learnt she had a natural skill for budgeting, planning and organizing events. “Organizing is a kind of therapy for me – I organize my whole life!” She still loves anything media and is easily excited by the new growing digital landscape.

Wendi also has a strong interest in storytelling and is currently earning a certificate in journalism to expand her writing knowledge.

Stemming from a background in film production, she also has a knack for photography, and can often be seen at an iYellow event capturing the energetic party atmosphere.