Scare your friends with your wine knowledge

With Halloween just around the corner, your glass of wine can be the perfect accessory to your costume. Want to scare your friends with your wine knowledge?

Here are a six fun Halloween themes to try at your next Halloween party:

1. Bring a wicked bottle with you
There is nothing better than showing up with a wicked bottle of vino to hand over to the party hosts and/or share with the group. When you’re shopping for a bottle to bring with you, look for a catchy label that matches with your costume or will get the whole party talking. That way when it gets cracked open, everyone will be wondering who brought the cool bottle of vino that’s sitting in the middle of the table.

Another creative idea is to make your own wine and create your own scary labels that match your costume. If you’re going as a bowling team, make labels with you all on the front! Extend your creativity beyond your costume – to include your wine accessory!

Tip: Try to bring more than 1 bottle – you’ll thank yourself for bringing that extra 2 bottles (or if you’re party hopping, that extra 6-pack!). You never know when you may need an emergency bottle of wine.

2. Wine talk to Impress the Black Cats
Your costume may not outwardly say you’re a complete romantic, but your wine speak can definitely help with that. As you sip your vino, talk about how your full-bodied red smells sweet, tastes sexy and keeps you wanting another glass. If you’re drinking white, refer to how those delicate and aromatic whites are magic in your mouth, and are supernatural when it comes to matching their acidity with cheese. After all your sexy wine talk, you’ll look like a real wine superhero and have the group of black cats and faux super heros eating from your palm all night long.

Tip: Make sure you look cool, and not egotistical. To achieve this fine balance, be sure to read your group, and bring a wicked bottle to centre your conversation around.

3. Scream after you sip - then spit like an ogre
Ok so maybe this one is a little bit crazy, but it will be sure to spin some heads. You'll have people saying “What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks was that?” It’s a creative conversation starter none the less. If you pick your costume wisely, you might even get away with it.

4. Pretend you’re a vampire who can’t live without your red wine
If your costume is a vampire this year (which may be the next popular outfit, with all of the Twilight wanna-bees), make red wine your drink of choice and work your glass like a dangerous love affair. Besides, Cabernet Sauvignon tastes a heck of a lot better than blood and still gives a little rouge on the lips.

5. Match costumes and characters with wine varietals
When I think of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, she seems fit to be drinking a glass of Pinot Grigio. Inspector Gadget is full of surprises and as complicated as a Pinot Noir. The vampire in the corner would certainly pair well with a Malbec or Carmenare. And, the Witch would certainly prefer to be around her cauldron, with a glass of Bordeaux or Meritage.

What are you drinking tonight? It seems to me you should be drinking a glass of Champagne, it fits very well with your character.” This could be a great pickup line!

6.Party like a Rockstar
Grab a glass of vino and start enjoying the night!

Happy Halloween Wine Clubbers!