Eggplant Pomadore by Jamie Aiello


from the “Kitchen of It can't be Bad”

By: Jamie Aiello

Eggplant Pomadore


Here again wine and good food go together like father in mother. This is a pasta dish that should satisfy four of you even if you're hungry. Remember that having a glass of wine to sip on while you prepare this dish is just the way it should be: Here's the stuff…



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** TO make your life easier being your kitchen experience by prepping all of the below ingredients on your counter and then moving forward with the actual cooking part!

STEP 1. Take a sip of your wine and a deep breath and relax. This is going to be fun!

STEP 2. Saute the onions, garlic and oil in a large frying pan at medium heat until the onion have gone clear in colour.

STEP 3. Add the Hot peppers and the sweet Peppers to the frying pan.

STEP 4. Start the water boiling with two tablespoons of salt in a large pot to cook the pasta noodles.

STEP 5. Add the wine and chopped eggplant to the frying pan along with the basil, black pepper and simmer until the liquid has thickened a bit. Then add the tomatoes stir and simmer while the pasta cooks.


STEP 6. Stir in the pasta and return the water to a boil. Be sure to stir the pasta well occasionally during cooking (it shouldn't stick if you use enough water and a large enough pot). Cook the pasta noodles “AL” **. Drain the pasta to stop the cooking and return it to the pot.

STEP 7. Add the delicious simmered contents of the frying pan to the pasta right in the pot and mix it up.

You’re ready to serve right from the pot home style or from your fanciest serving bowl or platter.


STEP 8. Take a sip of your refilled wine as you carry your glass to the table (or counter or couch or …) and enjoy!

** you know “al dente” in the large pot according to the cooking time on the package. The times are always approximate so taste the pasta to see if it's done properly it should be “firm to the bite” yet cooked through (yep that's “AL”)

* * *

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