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Hey there fellow vino lovers, the Food and Wine show is coming to Toronto In November, and I don't know about you, but I am going to be there!!!! I want to arrange a group to go to one of the Tutored Tasting events (Maybe the one led by Zoltan and John Zsabo). Let me know if you interested

Canada’s Premier Wine Appreciation Event announces the Tutored Tastings program highlights for 2006!

The Tutored Tasting Program in conjunction with Vintages welcomes wine enthusiasts from the novice through expert to expand their knowledge and appreciation of fine wine. Featuring 22 enlightening wine tasting sessions hosted by professional sommeliers, media personalities and LCBO Product Consultants.

The Tutored Tasting Program schedule is posted on the Gourmet Food and Wine Expo website, tickets are on sale now. “One thing that really sets our event apart is the caliber of our Tutored Tastings. Between the fabulous wines and our exceptional line up of presenters this year’s program will be in high demand.” As mentioned by Jennifer Campbell, Show Manager, Gourmet Food & Wine Expo.

Tasting session highlights include:

• Natalie MacLean explodes the myths of whether wine critics are too powerful and how to interpret their scores so that you can buy less expensive, better tasting wines.

• Christopher Waters introduces us to the winemakers responsible for some of Canada’s best wines and reveals the stories behind the wines.

• Kevin Brauch, The Thirsty Traveler, will charm you with his wit and knowledge in this winespiritbeer- palooza.

• John Szabo and Zoltan Szabo take you on a global tour to discover the hottest values available today from the most exciting regions, winemakers and new classic grapes.

• Gordon Stimmell, Toronto Star wine critic shares some of the secrets he looks for in a wine, no matter the price point.

These informative, 90 minute, classroom style tasting sessions are open to the public. Many wines in the Tutored Tasting Program will be available for the first time in Canada and can be purchased at the on-site Vintages store. Tickets range from $49 to $150 per session, and include a general admission ticket to the expo ($15 value).

“The Gourmet Food and Wine Expo offers consumers an experience unparalleled in this city,” says Gord Froner, Vintages Product Consultant and organizer of the Vintages sessions.

Click on the link to your right to find out more info on the Food and Wine Website.

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