Meet Gary Vaynerchuck - Star of Wine Library TV

Let us introduce you to Gary Vay-ner-chuck,
Star Personality of Wine Library TV.
Gary's a brilliant and absolutely entertaining wine expert who makes wine tasting really fun! This guy's not only changing the world of wine, but he's inspiring thousands of wine enthusiasts, including us!

What's he do that's so unique? Gary sends out a new wine tasting video every single day to a huge list of subscribers. He's based in New Jersey and we've been able to get Gary to answer a few questions for the iYellow Wine Club.

Before that though, check out these quotes:

"If you went to an autobody shop and pelted it with 4,000 peaches, that's the smell you're going to get with this" (referring to a Canadian icewine)

"This wine kicks serious ass!"

"Hulk Hogan hair colour" (referring to the colour of the wine)

"Go into a steam room. close the door. don't turn on the steam, just that cedar outline. grab a strawberry, put pepper on it, and it eat. smell everything around you. that's what this wine is!"

Questions & Answers

iYWC: Approximately how many people subscribe to
Gary: 16k viewers each day. RSS subscribers is half

iYWC: How did you get into wine?
Gary: family business, grew up in a liquor store, read and got into it at 17/18

iYWC: What do you think about Canadian wines, and do you plan on tasting more in the future?
Gary: I think there is a huge Potential in Canadian wines, especially some of the Whites i have been tasting. I expect to do a big show on it soon!

iYWC: We love your approach to wine, how are other wine enthusiasts responding to your take on wine?
Gary: I am humbled, how is this....1000 emails from fans a DAY!


Videos worth checking out...

Canadian Ice Wine and Dessert Wine....OH CANADA! Episode # 90

There's two great videos on Gary we'd like to mention. One is a tribute video to Gary with all sorts of great clips from his shows, the other is a spoof on his show. Check them out on our new You Tube Channel.
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