It's Not Cheesy - Matching Wine & Cheese

The Summer brings many BBQ's and many social nights too.
Here are a few Wine and cheese rules for when you are planning a get together!

Wine and Cheese Matches:
• White wines match best with soft cheeses and stronger flavors.
• Red wines match best with hard cheeses and milder flavors.
• Fruity and sweet white wines (not dry) and dessert wines work the best with a wider range of cheeses - even try a Rose (Hillebrand makes a grea
t rose)
• The more strong the cheese, the sweeter the wine should be (try VQA Icewine with almost any cheese).

How to serve wine and Cheese:
• Purchase your cheeses from cheese markets (there are some great cheese shops in Kensington Market)
• Cheeses should be served at room temperature. Serve them on a cool platform with some chopped pear for a good match too. Be sure to Pull them out of the fridge a couple hours before your party so they aren't served cold
• Serve most wines fairly cool — whites between 50-55 degrees and reds between 60-65 degrees.
• Let your reds breathe before you drink the
m - so try and decant them 15-20 minutes before they are served to your guests

Matches to try:
Blue cheeses and Icewine
Brie and Champagne
Cheddar and Shiraz

Be sure to bring wine to any BBQ, there are different types for every palate! If you have the room try throwing a wine a cheese party. We have thrown a few of those and have had a blast. The 2 pictures on this post are from a Wine Party where we had great wine & cheese with around 40 people attending throughout the night! Lots of fun!! You can do it too!!

Ange & Pax