Summer City Winelights

What Summer is all about...

* It means the patio never looked better with a cold Riedal glass of Sauvignon Blanc

* It means with every backyard BBQ comes a bottle of red wine - whatever varity matches the bbq (either the big bottle with the most amount in it for the cheapest price, or the 2005 Pinot Noir for the macaroni salad and a Bordeaux for the burgers)

*It calls for a nice rose on ice for those late nights when you want something cold and deliciously soul soothing
*It means with every pool side and roof top visit comes a chilled glass of pinot grigio in plastic glassware

*It means hitting a patio for lunch and ordering another glass of red before begrudgingly ordering the bill and going back to "the dark dungeon"

*It means visiting the "chilled" part of the LCBO, because finding the ready to drink wines, always hits the spot better than warm ones

*It calls for a glass of wine at brunch, because it is almost noon and you are out on a patio anyway, why waste the chance to enjoy a nice Chardonnay.

*It means taking a trip to wine country because that is what a day at the cottage or by the lake should consist of: sunshine, wine, water and well wine.

*It calls for sangria, on a hot afternoon when the girls come over to chit chat and gossip about the hot new guy at the office or the bitch who was just hired

*Best of all summer calls for wine, because well it's too hot for whiskey and who drinks beer anyway.