Aww, So Cute...Critter Labels

This article is a continuation from our last newsletter where we talked about Yellow wine labels and the success of Yellow Tail. This time we're going to briefly talk about Critter labels -meaning any wine label that features a cat, a hippo, a frog and everything in-between.

Critter labels are very popular. According to ACNielsen market-research company, 438 viable table-wine brands were introduced in the last 3 years, and 18 percent — nearly 1 in 5 — feature an animal on the label. "Combined with existing critter labels...sales of critter-branded wine have reached more than $600 million." for more info on this study read the New York Times article where it was featured here.

Wine labels that have critters on the label seem to hit a heartstring with consumers, hence why there are so many of them. But isn't it the same with Beer...Moosehead?

While a wine label has no bearing on whether a wine is good or not, many consumers base their wine purchases on the wine labels themselves. There's no doubt that we've all bought wine due to how cute or original the label is.

Critter wine labels are truly fun, and bring wine to a different level. They can make the shopping experience more pleasant. And buying cute little animal labels make for great conversation wherever you serve or bring them; almost like a pet ;) We're looking forward to seeing all of them at our iYellow Wine Social on June 22nd!

Even with all the critter label popularity, some people think that critter wine labels will become passe. For example, according to Wine Business Monthly, an article published in December 2006, stated: "Wine Spirits Daily predicts that 2007 will be the beginning of the end when it comes to critter labels, although some might argue the end has already begun." It continues, "We think in the future, wine companies will likely opt for simpler, perhaps classier labels to stand out among the hundreds of critter brands roaming the aisles." For more read the full article here.

Our Consumer Challenge to YOU: Next time you are in the wine store check out the wine labels and ask yourself why you are buying that wine? We'd love to hear what catches your attention!

Pax and I hope to educate you on making the best decisions when you enter the LCBO and other wine stores. If at any time you need suggestions, please ask us; we've tried many of them!


Ange & Paxton