2 Bottles & 2 Questions with Peter Trajkovski

I Recently went for an amazing dinner at The Boiler House restaurant in the Distillery District (Picture from boilerhouse.ca)

I had a 5 course dinner with matching wine pairings while listening to live jazz in the most relaxing environment. The service was spectacular, the food devine, and the wine delicious.

Jason Rosso is the Executive Chef, Eric Pless is the Head Chef for the Distillery and Peter Trajkovski is the Director of Operations and also a Sommelier. The three made the evening unforgetable for Tony & I and we really want to thank them for a great night. I have worked with the three of them at Peller Estates and it was really nice to see them again.

If I can make one recommendation to you this summer, it is to visit Peter, Jason and Eric at the Distillery District - you won't be disappointed!!

This months' 2 Bottles & 2 Questions is with Peter Trajkovski, Sommelier and Director of Operations for the Distillery Restaurant Group.

"Wine is like a child - as they get older they get wiser and more refined just like a bottle of aged Bordeaux but in the child's youth we find exuberance and a care free attitude. Similarly in a young wine we enjoy the freshness and adolescence of that wine."

Peter's 2 Wine Choices

1. Thirty Bench Riesling 2005 $17.95 - Vintages or winery

Great wine showing petrol already. Love the story of Dr. Muckle the crazy scientist who started the winery. This really shows how great our terrior is for Riesling. Showing great minerality as in the Mosel region. This is great wine going from young to old and a great Ontario wine!

2. Mitchell GSM Grenache 2002 $20.95 - Lifford Wine Agency

Great youthful wine with very good aging potential. From The Clare Valley region in Australia. One of the greatest wine regions in the world. This is an unoaked wine showing fruitness and spice. Another great thing is the S in Sangiovese not the traditional Shiraz. A nice story about this wine is this is the first wine given to me by my Brother-In law. A gesture to say welcome to the family. A it was a great gesture but I got the best of both deal an amazing girl and a great wine - which I still have. I plan to enjoy it with him at my son's wedding in the future. Watching the wine age as my son ages. My son is 7 so I hope we are not drinking it for another 20 years - 2027. Wow I will be old but REFINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter's 2 Questions

1.Why do you love Ontario Wine?

I think it has to do with the direction Ontario wineries have gone with tradition and our youth. We are one of the youngest wine producing areas in the world and like the child analogy we will only get better. Being able to physically watch and taste the transition is amazing and fun.

2. If you were left on an island with one bottle of wine, what would it be?

Bottle of 1990 Joseph Perrier Josephine Champagne. I would put the wine in the ocean to keep cool and sip it on the beach dinner the day then walk the coast during sunset and finally finish the bottle at night over a bonfire and in each scenario enjoying the different stages this wine brings to you from fruit, to effervescence to the yeasty characteristics. Wine is not only about the taste and the food it is also about location.