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Beginning on July 19th, The Global Wine Tour will be beginning a series of one evening, monthly explorations of the world's greatest wine producing regions. This exciting new monthly series beginning in July and continuing each month, will be covering Australia, Italy, South Africa, and Chile. There are also plans to explore other important wine producing countries in the near future such as New Zealand, Argentina, France, and Spain.

Join one of Canada's foremost wine experts, Steve Thurlow, on a one evening tour of a country's most important wine regions. This interactive evening will have you tasting 8 different wines and learning about the different wine producing regions of that country.

  • The different climate and soil conditions of each wine region being tasted
  • How to match food to the different types of wines
  • You will also get a private tour of the Fine Wine Reserve, a 140,000 bottle capacity professional wine storage facility. This tour will give you insight and knowledge in wine storage and the art of ageing wine.
  • The different grape varieties, as well as the wine styles produced there
While tasting and learning about wine, an image slideshow will be continually projected, showcasing imagery from different wineries and landscapes of the wine producing regions of Australia.

- A single evening session costs only $75 per person and will be limited to 16 participants in order to ensure an intimate and interactive environment.

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It will be held at the private tasting room at The Fine Wine Reserve at the intersection of King St. West and Spadina Road. The following are the dates for the next four months:

* Thursday July 19th - Exploring the wines of Australia (*sold out)
* Thursday August 16th - Exploring the wines of Italy (*Sold out)
* Friday August 17th - Exploring the wines of Italy
* Thursday September 20th - Exploring the wines of South Africa
* Thursday October 18th - Exploring the wines of Chile

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