WolfGang Blass Interview

Pax and I were lucky enough to have a chance to meet and sit down and talk with WolfGang Blass (Founder of Wolfblass Wines) at the Fairmont Royal York hotel on a fine Spring day in May.

Wolfgang was touring North America to celebrate his 75th birthday - and in turn Wolf Blass Wines is celebrating Wolfgang's Life and his contribution to the Australian Wine Industry by showcasing the brand and allowing the world to meet with Wolfgang. While we were chatting with him he mentioned that he had only been to Toronto one other time, and had never seen the falls - let along try some Ontario Wines.

A little bit about Wolfgang Blass the Man:
  • He is a Virgo and has what he calles a "practical attitude and application towards life"
  • He believes that self-motivation is the key to success
  • His philosophy is based on " Quality, Character, & Consistency"
  • He believes in inspiration and sometimes rainbows
  • He has a hobby in horse racing, football, skiing and fishing
  • He is notoriously known for wearing a bow tie and giving a thumbs up in pictures
  • He has been married three times
  • He has achived an Order of Australia among many other accolades
Pax and I were able to sit down with Billy Munnely and Kato Wake (Billy's Best Bottles) and talk wine with Wolfgang. I also got him to sign a bottle of Wolf Blass Yellow Label for me to keep on hand for that special occasion - or to hold on tight too as a great memory. As an entrepreneur and wine enthusiast it was really wonderful to sit down with someone who has been in the wine industry for quite a long time and has seen the industry change to what it is now. He is an intelligent and wise gentlemen who is very charismatic and has achieved much success in his life.

So be sure to pick up a bottle of Wolf Blass to celebrate Wolfie's 75th Birthday. The Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cab/Shiraz are my favourites.

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